“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”

– Leonardo da Vinci

I started this blog back in 2008, which would be the year I was married, and posted without consistency throughout the summer of 2011, which is the summer I was divorced.  I migrated the original posts from another website to this one for the sake of preservation in June 2012.  Re-reading them I am perplexed by some of my ideas, trying to remember the circumstance that propagated the inception, as I was leading quite the crafty life, littered with insincerity brought on by cowardice and confusion, sometimes the meanings of the posts are lost now, even on me.  What I do know is that I appreciate my own self’s efforts to capture the mood I was in and so am choosing to re-start the process of journaling with words (you can see my journaling with pictures at www.heatherhively.com).


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