I like reading back through all these entries. How strange that I lived them, am living them, and will still continue to live. How time’s flown! How you’ve grown! Have I? How much? I seem to be crawling at a snail’s pace yet wracking up the miles. How does this happen? I feel like I figure a few things out every once in a while, and then when I turn around, I am blasted by the face confusion. The eerie thing is, it is MY face. Who IS this person? I don’t even recognize her! Yet, IT IS ME. Without a doubt.

(Bear with me, this desk is uncomfortable, I’m a little rusty, and have very disturbed sleep.)

I’ve been reading Haruki Murikami lately and his dreamlike stories seem more logical to me than the headlines. Maybe it’s because I’m not sleeping well.

I thought writing this post might help me get my mind around a few things but I feel even more confused now so I’m just going to try again later.




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