This morning on my way to work I felt myself speeding down the highway through tunnels of snow.  The sky half-lit and everything glowing white, whirling.  Buildings pass, the cement of the freeway turns, the heat from the vent making my little white car into a cocoon.  I peer from this vantage point of driver, chin buried in grey, soft knit alpaca.  I am in control of my destiny… or at least the only witness to it unfolding.  I love days like this, romantic days of gloom and brightness intermixed.  I decided I like it best with the whites a little whiter, the shadows a little deeper, more intense.  Does it make me smiley happy, carefree easy all the time?  Hell no.  But this is the way I prefer it.  Amongst the swirls of gold and grey, I thought, at least I was following something deep inside me, not following the practical route Heather would usually take…


Image: calderdalefoto, Christmas Morning