derek hess

Today was a fortunate day (or was it yesterday?), I found a new pet and met a very talented artist. Besides the cat being awesome it was cool to meet someone whose work is so striking and highly appealing to me.  He is prolific in my mind.  The two young men who accompanied me were also very appreciative of his craft and I hope they remember today for a long, long time.

The world I grew up in was imaginary.  No one ever came off the page to shake my hand.  But if you are open and willing to believe that what is in your head can actually be real, then you can stop reading the pages and start writing them.  Ironically, the man who taught me that is a storybook character come-to-life, someone I never have imagined could really exist, and aside from all other good fortune I’ve experienced, having him as my friend is by far highest on my list.


Image: Derek Hess, Sarah SPF 25


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