So the mysteries of having a baby are swirling around my mind.  The idea of a creature living inside me, living off me, created by me (well, and someone else) is just so astounding.  Sure, I can read about my friends adventures in motherhood via Facebook for a little insight but these posts bore me to no end.  What’s really magical is the tiny life evolving inside a mother and that we all were once a splat, a speck, ONE TINY LITTLE CELL.  All this I learned from Bodies… The Exhibition in Cleveland today.  Yes, just today.  I have only a layman’s knowledge of the miracles my body can support.  Shameful to say the least.  And while I have no desire to live at the beck and call of a screaming little dictator everyday (having done more than my share of babysitting), I am burning with curiosity at the science-experiment of creating and housing one of these little monsters.  As if I can only believe it if I were to see and FEEL it happening.  Being terrified of the after-effects, my mind jumps to medical school…

Image: Leonardo da Vinci, Views of a Fetus in the Womb, c. 1510-12


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